Saturday, July 7, 2012

Game Soundtracks I've Been Enjoying

Fez has to win an award for greatest nag screen music ever. Download the demo on XBox Live then start and quit the game to experience it. It's modern post-chiptune masterpiece. Sometimes spacey sometimes adventurous but excellently crafted.

Machinarium is game that I've enjoyed immensely both for the puzzles and the atmosphere. I received a copy of the soundtrack as a pack in bonus and it made it to my music to code by list. I really like how Floex uses noise to make the tension ebb and flow. If you like this, sure to check out Floex's Zorya while you're at it.

Honorable mention: Spelunky HD. While everyone is trying to bring back NES era chiptunes, Spelunky brings back Genesis era FM Synth goodness. Just listen to this baseline: